The most epic girls trip...weekend in Tokyo...all the hashtags...I think I'm still drunk!


A whitey, a Mexi, and a Paki walk into a bar...
A few days have passed since we all parted ways and returned to our respective homes, and presumably sobered up. Although, I'm not entirely convinced that my urine isn't still 90% Tito's Vodka! While I like to think that I can be cunning and witty at times, there is absolutely no way in the world that I could (or would even attempt) accurately put to words the epic-ness of the Girls Trip weekend that just occurred. Shenanigans just doesn't seem to do it justice. It's pretty safe to say that we all probably pissed our pants...more than once. We all might need some kind of alcohol treatment, or at least some kind of IV re hydration therapy, don't think we didn't look for one during breakfast one morning!

I definitely don't intend to share all of the inside jokes, the laughs, and the inner workings of our girl minds, that make girls trips so sacred. But I will say, that no one is luckier than I am to have such amazing friends. Friends doesn't even measure up to what these ladies are to me, sisters, family.

We decided to summarize our trip in the form of hashtags. Does this annoy you? Perhaps, do I care, nope! In the digital day and age, get over it, embrace it, or keep a scrollin'


Some of the highlights from our trip:

  • Kawaii Monster Cafe (it's exactly what you think of when you think of Harajuku and Japan so if you're in the area, GO!)
  • Shopping at Lush and pampering ourselves (for those of you in the USA, you can shop online, or in store, find it HERE!)
  • Golden Gai bar hopping (Golden Gai is a really neat area if you haven't gone and are in Shinjuku, GO!)
  • The sex shop in Shibuya (it's even more fun when you have "virgin" friends!! What's better than embarrassing your friends who haven't been in sex stores?!) I'd love to give a link because it was a pretty good shop, but we stumbled on it in an alley, walk around, it was one of the alleys across the street from Hooters
  • The laughs...ALL. THE. LAUGHS
  • Nigerians, their hustle, and escaping them
Seriously, take the time for girls trips. Everyone is busy and life gets in the way. But this shit is important. Girl time, being silly, doing stupid shit. Keep those bonds. Connect with your girlfriends. Nothing fills your cup more than being reminded that you have amazing people in your life. Sometimes what you need is a weekend with girls who will laugh until you cry, until you piss your pants, girls who will walk 3 miles wasted with you to Family Mart for a peanut butter sandwich. Girls who speak a language that makes absolutely NO sense to anyone else but makes complete sense to you, and makes you laugh your ass off at the same time. Girls who know where you can and can't wear your hat, and push those limits with you, like the true bad asses that they are. Your people. Your weird ass amazing people who color your life the beautiful sparkly rainbow that it is, and who would cut a mofo if need be.

Without further ado, photo proof that we're still alive...that we had the time of our lives...and that perhaps we re enacted our own version of This is 30, Bad Moms, and anything else along those lines! **photos not in order of occurrence, or really any order for that matter!**

First night, drinks in Roppongi

That's what friends are for...

Golden Gai map

Cab ride out of Golden Gai...aka escaping the Nigerians

Day drinking

Hair masks, booze, and room service. Basic bitch camping

My tinder date. Hey at least he's not married!

Ali came to meet us for Brunch!

Tito's should sponsor Jess and I

Dr Martens and bathroom queue's 

Sexy time!

Golden Gai

Golden Gai, not for us!

Our wine bar in Golden Gai

Wine bar in Golden Gai

I would walk 500 miles (for a PB sandwich)

I squish you Godzirra

Everyone leaves with goodies!

Kawaii Monster Cafe-Harajuku

So what's next??
The long awaited blog posts about online dating disasters. 
I'll be traveling Bali over Christmas and blogging those adventures here too

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