12 Step Meeting for Long Underwear?


I need an intervention. In preparing for winter I purchased a pair of long underwear to wear under my clothes, etc. The second that I tried them on, my life changed. No seriously. These things are amazing. I have no reason to wear long underwear now because it's been upper 60's low 70's every day, but I literally wear these things every single day when I get home. All day all I think about is how I can't wait to get home and put my long underwear on. This has led me to the conclusion that either 1. I'm pathetic, 2. Fairbanks is really getting to me, 3. I need an intervention, or 4. What the hell have I been missing out on for the past several years?! I choose 4.

I remember wearing long underwear when we went skiing, but it was NOTHING like this stuff that I have. The stuff we had was scratchy against your skin, bunched up under your ski pants, and was really unflattering. I seem to have stumbled upon the mecca of long underwear and if it was appropriate to wear it as clothing. I would. Hell, I'm in Alaska, people wouldn't bat an eye.

Image of Under Armour® Womens ColdGear® Base 2.0 Leggings

These are the amazing, unbelievable, life changing long underwear that I currently rant about, The Under Armour Base 2.0 long underwear. I can't begin to tell you how soft they are against your skin and how cozy they make you feel. It's like a nice warm hug! Not the kind of hug that would leave a person looking like a sausage stuffed into tight casing...no, a nice embrace that is flattering leaving no possibility for a "wow look at the muffin top"

So, long underwear has become my new obsession, this is my review of the Under Armour 2.0 Base ones, I have some more on their way to me as I type this...I can't wait to wear them around...ahh the simple things that make you happy and get you through a long work assignment!


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