Santa Clause House (North Pole, AK)


Today I visited the mecca of happiness, the place where every day is Christmas, that's right, the one and only residence of the Santa Clause!

Santa had a nice Boston accent that made me feel right at home, so all of you Massholes out there, he's one of us :)

I made sure to take the obligatory picture with Santa, and I also told him about all of the nasty things (maybe I made them all up, it's all for the greater good...of me) that all of you have been doing (to make myself look better of course!) Don't expect much more than lumpy coal this year!

Santa's House (aka: Santaland) also has reindeer on site...they look like they have been eating well all summer to prepare for the big festivities in December!

Being at this happy place made me want to go home and watch every treasured Christmas movie...starting of course with The Grinch!

Speaking of The Grinch, there was a reindeer that had antlers that looked exactly like the faux antlers that the Grinch strapped onto Max's head...

Adults with children, you can send a personalized letter from Santa to your rugrats...with North Pole postage and's pretty cute!  Here is the link for any interested parties: Santa Letters


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