Escape (pronounced: escap-ay)

Pink accent lighting
Ice scraper/snow brush

Laquer and pink light


So today was the day that I had to switch my prized car in for an suv with 4wd. Or so I thought. It wouldn't be my life if something didn't go off course! What did I end up with? Oh let me tell you! I got a Ford Escape. It's gold, which is why I started calling it escape (pronounced with a spanish accent: escap-ay). The fun doesn't stop here though. To compliment the gold exterior  I have a lovely tan leather interior that is accented with black laquer. Would you have put something different with tan I think not! It also has a button in the center console that allows me to change the color of the accent lights (in the cup holder and the change holder (?)) there are several choices. I currently have it set on pink...which goes nicely with the tan and laquer. duh.

So on to the kicker. This lovely suv, is not 4wd. its got none of that business so it's essentially a lifted up version of what I was driving before (with laquer and colored lighting).
There is a glimmer of light (pink light), I do have heated seats again, so in my laquer paradise I will have toasty buns!

I was equipped with a "snow brush" that looks like no snow brush I've ever seen, and an extension cord for when it gets really cold and I have to plug my car in (it's not really cold yet?)
So escape and I are ready to endure the final half of our stay here, we may end up stuck on the road somewhere (thank you Hertz for no 4wd in ALASKA during the winter) but at least we will be stuck in style, with warm buns, admiring the laquer and pink accent lighting.

Back to the snow brush for a moment...first of all, it looks home made. Second, I'm pretty sure part or all of it went through a wood chipper either pre or post fabrication. 


  1. You know how much we love the gold cars. Remember the gold car/suv at the Denny's in South County that we would always see?

  2. Oh yeah! Mine is less gold than that, but still gold none the less!


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