Just another day in the neighborhood


Here is a small sampling of my day...yes this all happened in one day...in fact, less than 12 hours.

  • I found a large bone in my tuna lunch kit from a bit name in the Tuna biz that I wont mention, probably one that kills dolphins which I'm hoping is not why I had a bone in my tuna lunch kit/meal
  • When I opened Amazon's shopping page (on my lunch of course) it thought I was shopping from Canada
  • I got stuck behind a backhoe. On the "express"way. On the way home from work. I use the term "backhoe" liberally because to me all of that "farming" equipment is the same. It had a big digger thing on the back and and a big bucket thing on the front. Oh yeah and it didn't go over 5mph. On the expressway
Alas, things are looking up now though, I'm home. In a cozy pair of long underwear, with my snuggly Berkshire Blanket that Julie sent me, and a spicy black bean burger calling my name. All is well in Alaskanada


  1. You are pretty fabulous at selling farm equipment!!! That man was ready to buy some from you at the Titan's game.

  2. I know! I didn't even know the name of the thing...just "farm equipment"!


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