This can't be good


Ice on the trees, and the sun just starting to hit the top
There are a couple of things that have happened today that give me the impression that things are not well in the universe. First, I woke up to a car that was encased in ice. Literally. I sat there for 15 minutes with the heat blasting from all possible vents to try to melt the stuff (because do you really think I'm going to get out and scrap (I don't have a scraper here but thats besides the point) in 20 degrees?!). Aside from my car being covered, everything else was covered too, which was actually pretty swell.

Recession cookie
Second indicator that things are not tastey treat from Alaska Coffee Roasters this morning. I went for a repeat, the Ginger Molasses cookie that I so fondly enjoyed last weekend (I only allow myself one trip per week, including weekends due to the lack of self-control that I have).  Last week my cookie was approximately the size of a frisbee (standard frisbee, not the fancy aerobie type!) Today, the cookie is still large yes, but definitely not the size of any frisbee I've ever seen, probably closer to the size of a small plate, you know the ones that go under fancy coffee cups! I've decided that this is my recession cookie. I was however happy to see that they did not decrease the size of the cinnamon rolls and other sweets that they offer.


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