Insanity Workout, 2am wake up, The Social Network, and any other randomness I can throw in here!


What a hectic couple of days! I woke up Friday morning. At 2:30 am to some sort of domestic violence occurring in my building. Correction, I woke up to a woman screaming. When I looked outside she was with hotel staff (and her small child) so I figured it was OK for me to sit and watch rather than try to help. I'm pretty sure I would have scared her more running outside in my long underwear, mismatched shirt, and hair that stuck out in every direction! I watched for about an hour. That's right, this whole scene took that long. I couldn't hear everything that was going on, but the general gist of things are that the guy had been drinking and then had become violent with her. In front of the small child who couldn't have been more than 2. The police arrived...did some obligatory questioning. The man became loud and adamantly denied doing what he was accused of. Another hotel guest came out and provided some information to the police that seemed to seal the deal because the man was quickly cuffed and stuffed and whisked away. Needless to say after being awake from 2:30am on, I was less than chipper for the remainder of the day. I also felt sick, partly due to lack of sleep but probably more due to the fact that I was completely horrified, startled out of my sleep by a terrified woman. I hope that this isn't going to be the norm, especially when winter sets in.

Moving on. Since today is Saturday, I feel that I can in good conscience (ha) say that I have officially made it through 2 weeks of the Insanity Workout! Please pause while I throw a small celebration in honor! OK done! This workout is intense, nothing that I say to describe it will make you a believer until you try it yourself! I'm already seeing results in the way of muscle definition, especially in my legs. So consider this your warning. I'm pretty sure that these suckers could not be considered deadly weapons!

Moving on again. I think that it would be fair to diagnose me with ADD after reading this blog post! Friday night I went to see The Social Network with a friend. Normally movies based on books are an utter disappointment compared to the book (The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich) I would almost venture to say that this was the opposite. The movie was fantastic, the characters were great. I have this affinity toward the main character (the brains behind the machine) Mark Zuckerberg. Perhaps it's because he is brutally straightforward, sarcastic, and a bit of a prick.  The movie tries to make him very un-likable, but I found that it had the opposite effect on me. Probably because the characteristics that I find rather hilarious and entertaining in him, are the ones that I treasure most about myself. Substitute bitch/honest for prick! Alas, it was a good solid movie, that probably lacks a good dose of reality, because that doesn't sell/entertain as well as the BS!

Another tidbit of randomness, I went to Alaska Coffee Roasters for a nice tall coffee and walked out with an entire meal (and coffee). I'm on to your marketing scheme...and it's genius! This place is always busy, always a line, and you have to wait in line directly in front of the display of baked goods and yumminess. A test of self-control that I fail EVERY SINGLE TIME! This time was no different, my major score was a cookie, the size of a frisbee, Ginger Molasses cookie. It was the most amazing cookie that I have ever had (sorry mom, I do love your homemade cookies, but this was like nothing I've ever had before!)


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