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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bonelos Manglo (Chamorro Air Donuts)


I haven't posted a recipe in a while, so what better way to start off than with a native Chamorro treat?! I received this recipe from a Chamorro woman (thankfully it accompanied a lovely Bonelo Manglo to try!)

Bonelos Manglo (Chamorro Air Donuts)

Bonelos Manglo (Chamorro Air Donuts)

Senora Cruz (Guam)


5 Cups Flour
1 ½ Cups Sugar
1 ½ tbls. Baking Powder
1 ½ tbls. Shortening
1 tbls. Salad oil
1 Can Coconut Milk or 1 ¾ cups real fresh milk

Salad oil for frying


·      Mix dry mixture first-flour, sugar, baking powder
·      Then add shortening and carfully mix with dry mix making sure all of the shortening is distributed into the mix
·      Add salad oil again, mix well with dry mix and shortening
·      Add milk slowly, mix well until mixture forms into a large ball
·      Roll out dough then cut into 2” diamond shapes (can do any shape)
·      Heat pot/pan with oil so you can fry the donuts
·      Make sure oil is hot enough to fry; test oil with one piece of donut
·      Fry both sides of donuts until golden brown
·      Line a bowl or pan with paper towel to drip dry the donuts
·      Let cool and enjoy!

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