Sugarnomics Take 2!


Went out for my final Sugarnomics run (since I'm leaving the island Friday)...what a way to go out!

Tried a different sandwich this time (there are 3 to choose from on the menu) and it was amazing!!! Cuban Pork Sandwich that consisted of pulled pork, mustard, pickles, and swiss cheese. Another awesome side salad. I of course could eat half of it, making it 2 meals in 1 :)

Again I went with the Milo Dino for my beverage, it's so tasty (like a less sweet chocolate milk!)

Desserts...where to start. I got 3 this time...that's right 3. I probably should have jogged home from the place but my belly was too full to even consider it!

Dessert 1 was a Red Velvet Cake that was topped with a brulee'd cheesecake and fresh fruit. OHMYAWESOMENESS!!

Dessert 2 was a massive piece of cake that was caramel, apple, and something else, it was amazingly delicious. Sorry, no picture!

Dessert 3 was a Banana toffee chocolate tart. 

But...the best part about the whole trip was realizing what/who the neighbors were for Sugarnomics. Each trip I seem to find some kind of pornographic/crazy shop name (ex: Balzac Coffee, Whitetrash Chinese Food)...I found my golden ticket today in the massage shop...


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