Goodbye Guam Randoms


So the day that I never thought would come, did. And, surprisingly, I was sad! After all, when you don't feel like you're dying, your perspective is a a bit different! I was in a tropical paradise!

I learned a lot while in Guam, here are some of the highlights/lowlights/WTF/only me moments from my final days...

1. I was propositioned by a Federal agent. I'll say no more. This is not flattering when considering the source (perhaps it would have been flattering if the Federal agent looked something like one of the ones you see on tv...ahem Benjamin Bratt, I assure you he did not. There was no romance or swooning involved, just a simple unflattering and rather offensive proposition)

2. I had 15 minutes to make a connecting international flight in Tokyo, this resulted in a team effort in the security line (kind of like pass Laura up the line) I went from the back of the line to the front of the line in a matter of 3 jumps

3. NO upgrade on any of my flights. Commoner status the entire way home. LONG 24 hours of travel

4. Upon re-entry into the US (because I flew from Guam-->Tokyo-->Houston) when asked if I brought anything with me into the US I promptly told the Immigration officer "just my tan" without missing a beat. Upon thinking about this further, it's probably best not to use humor or sarcasm with Customs/Immigration Officials. Thankfully my attempt at it was well received. Sort of.

So now it's on to another adventure. I have to admit, I've been waiting for this next one for YEARS!!! I couldn't be more excited. Where am I (and you) going you might ask (or perhaps you don't but I'll tell you anyways)...



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