A beautiful day in the neighborhood!


Today was a magnificent day in sunny Yokosuka Japan! It also happened to be moving day...we switched from our coffin sized rooms at one hotel to a better hotel down the street (about 8 minutes (walking) closer to base). We had to be out of one hotel at 10am and then couldn't get into the other one until after 1 pm, so we decided to go to base to see if we could rent sea kayaks to enjoy some sunshine and kill some time! It was a perfect decision! The sun was shining, there was a curry festival taking place at Mikasa Park (which is where the arch structure is in the picture).

A great start to the day was only made better when we finally got to check into our new hotel and let me tell you by US standards I would never rave about this room, but compared to our last accommodations, this is a chateau! We also get complimentary breakfast in the morning, complimentary beverages and snacks in the evening, they have regular washing machines and dryers (not Japanese style), it doesn't stink like the combination of stale cigarettes, cat urine, and old people, and best yet we aren't right on top of the train station! So what if we're in the drunken sailor part of town...that's nothing compared to where we were :)


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