I celebrate the midpoint by...

Purchasing new orthotics of course! Today (5/19/10) is the half-way there (feel free to strike out in a Bon Jovi tune while I finish my post!) point for my stay here in Japan. I've put some major miles on my sneakers and therefore the first pair of orthotics (purchased a couple of days into my stay here when I realized I would be walking miles every day (no exaggeration, I have a pedometer and I walk no less than 4.5 miles per day but its been upwards of 7 on some, this does not include the workouts at the gym). I digress, back to my celebratory orthotics. My feet will be so happy for the second half. I might even celebrate this milestone (let's face it, the first couple of days I didn't know if I could make it to this point!) with a nice wine in a can! Cheers!


  1. wow...you're time has gone by so quickly. you're basically rich now, right? btw, aren't orthotics for old people? are you going to get a walker with tennis balls on the ends while you're at it. (i'm saying that while i'm eating a donut and drinking a slushy, so don't feel too threatened)

  2. me, threatened by you BRad...you'll have to try harder :) Perhaps orthotics are for old people, but if you were over here walking at least 4.5 miles a day, you'll be adding the cushy/supportive goodness to your shoes too! Time does fly, in a way it's good and a way I will not be ready to leave! Rich, not exactly. I've spent way too much money over here, hard not to when you're in a new place!


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