Vegitalian, grape mentos, t shirts, and death by sushi


Today is an exciting day, I signed up for a whitewater rafting and canyoning trip through Outdoor Rec (on base). It's an all day affair, and by all day I mean we leave at 4 something in the morning and get back at 10:30pm! I have no idea where we will be (other than Japan) but it promises to be a blast!! It's scheduled for 5/23/10 so if I don't blog after that, please send the American Embassy searching for me!
When I was reviewing the itinerary there was a special note: "if you are vegitalian please notify at least 1 week prior and we can bring veg. meal for you"...I'm half tempted to say that I'm vegitalian, just to see what the meal is, it can't be bad right?!

Dinner tonight was sushi...again...literally out of the past 7 days I've eaten sushi for probably 5 of them (possibly more but I'm not willing to admit it if that's in fact true). Feel free to comment on the warning signs of mercury poisoning...

I was advised by someone to that I met on the flower park tour to try grape Mentos...I found some tonight, and let me tell you, they are fantastic! I will be sending some home for you to try family :)

The little shops that line the streets sell all kinds of goods, but my favorite by far are the t shirts that have terribly translated things in English. One shirt looked like it had Madonna's picture all over the front and on the back it said "love and cooking give 100% effort and expect little appreciation". Just picture your worst vision of an 80's t shirt and add broken English sayings...I literally got a stomach ache laughing on the walk home from the sushi-go-round (not from the sushi I assure you!)


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