Whitewater Rafting and Canyoning in Minakami


This is by far the best trip I've ever done! I've been whitewater rafting several times, and this trip didn't disappoint either. The rapids were Class 4's and because we have been getting a lot of rain (it was raining the whole day we were there) the water was moving really quickly!

On to the even more exciting part of the trip...canyoning! I've never done this and wasn't quite sure to expect when we signed up for this adventure. It was amazing; there aren't words to describe it! Unfortunately the person taking pictures or the outfit that we went with, Canyons, was not there to photograph while we went canyoning (he only captured the rafting portion of our trip). I did include the link to the website for the outfit that we went with so you can see what we did! We were in Minakami in Fox Canyon.

My best attempt at describing this indescribable experience is this: body surfing the rapids in 1 of 3 positions superman (flat on your stomach, arms bent in front of you to protect you from smashing your face on a rock, knees slightly bent), flat on your back feet first (with your elbows tucked in, again so you don't wreck them on rocks), or what our guides called "almost sexy position" (on your back, hands behind your head, chin tucked, knees slightly bent), jumping off of cliffs and waterfalls, and sliding down waterfalls in any of the 3 previously mentioned positions (I went down a huge waterfall once feet first, next in "almost sexy position", and the last time I jumped off of it which was insanely scary but such a thrill!). At one point during this adventure we got to a 20 meter waterfall and they lowered us part of the way down with ropes, we then were dropped from the rope to slide the rest of the way down into a pool! Check out the website for some of the pictures and descriptions. I can't say enough how amazing this experience was! I recommend canyoning to anyone looking for a thrill! It was such a great time, and I am definitely looking into doing it again in the near future!


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