Peace out 29...30's taking over!

Or maybe you prefer to call it my Happy Ending to 29?! This is Japan!


After some struggles and growing pains I am happy to say that I am exactly where I want to be in my life. I absolutely love where things are, what I do, and most definitely the opportunities that I have had and will continue to have as a result of my job!

My early twenties (and before) was definitely a time when I was living my life how I thought people wanted me to, doing things I thought that they wanted.

I focused so much time on getting from point A to point B because I thought those were the places that I was supposed to be...but by whose standard? Thanks to a lot of great life experiences and some toughening up I have come to a place where I am writing my own script as I go along rather than following the pre-printed one!

It's not about rushing from one point to another anymore, but about really having a kick ass time when you're lost and stuck in the middle!

29 has been a pretty kick ass year, and I don't know how it will be topped, but hell, I'm in Japan celebrating my 30th it seems like I'm off to a pretty amazing start!

So, I raise my Chu hi (I am in Japan after all, these things might as well flow out of the faucets!) and give a hearty Kampai to the first 30've served me well...a double Kampai to the years to come...I look forward to the adventure, but hope it doesn't require wearing more than 1 wetsuit!


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