Yo Yo Yokohama


The slideshows have been kind of a pain and the quality of the pictures in them is not great, so I'm just going to put a link in the posts when I have larger quantities of photos to share! *Update* apparently my last attempt at photos didn't work, I think I finally figured out a better way...enjoy!

Other housekeeping news...we've moved up in society...we own rather than rent. That's right folks we bought the domain name. Take that blogger. I really stuck it to the man!

On to Yo Yo Yokohama...
Yokohama is the 2nd biggest city in Japan (I could be making that up, although I think it's accurate), and home to the tallest building in Japan (Landmark Tower). It is also only about 26 minutes via train from where I am in Japan (it's probably midpoint from me (Yokosuka) and Tokyo. There are your fun facts for the day.
Here is the down and dirty. We saw a man wearing a woman's raincoat (teal with white polka dots) walking (towards us) rubbing both of his nipples simultaneously. There is a restaurant called Blue Ball. There is also a place called Dog Cafe (we didn't find this one) and I'm not sure if it's a pet friendly restaurant or one where they serve up pets.
Bathroom stop #1 I was lucky enough to get a "Western" toilet...you know, the kind with a seat (not a urinal in the floor). Although I wasn't as lucky as Adina who had the heat function in her seat.
Bathroom stop #2 I was not so lucky. Apparently I got the only "traditional" toilet in the joint. Lucky me. It did give me some time to brainstorm some great ideas, you know, while I was trying to figure out how I was going to pee in the floor urinal without peeing on my jeans and shoes. I digress. My great ideas. So, I think that a great item should be invented for women (perhaps just western women who knows) is a device/padding item very similar to that of what baseball catchers sometimes wear behind their knees to provide the extra support while they are squatting. These Benjo accessories should be much more feminine and bedazzled though, oh and they must have places to hang little dangly charm items from, because well, we're in Japan, and they love the dangly charms! Ok, enough potty talk for one post!

Despite the dismal weather (I know, you're shocked!), Yokohama was beautiful! It has a neat skyline (we have seen it several times at night driving back from various outings) and more of that big city feel than Yokosuka.

I'm sad to say I did not acquire any new Kit Kats while on this adventure. They did have the wasabi ones and the strawberry cheesecake ones...amateurs...I've had those for weeks!


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