2011 Okinawa Marathon


Today was the big day! It was rainy and kind of nasty, but also kind of perfect if you choose to run 26.2 miles on a tropical island!

The marathon kicked off around 9am, so at 8 I walked down to Comprehensive Park...the location of the start and finish. There were swarms of people and more Lycra and spandex then you ever care to see. Don't even get me started on the shorts that could pass for underwear. But hey, they're running 26.2 miles so I guess they can wear whatever the heck they damn well please, and that they do. I saw a man wearing a white Lycra suit with a banana penis (?), a man in a full monkey suit that had a tail and red butt, men dressed as women, women dressed as princesses, anime characters, animals, and everything else you can imagine.

They weren't letting spectators out of the park to get to the street where the race was being run, so I hopped a wall/fence so I could be right at the front. Now, I didn't just do this on a whim, I had to make sure other people were doing it first because I'll be damned if I'm going to jail here I'm bringing others down with me! This risky stunt got me the best seats in the house and just in time for the fireworks/gun that signaled the start of the marathon! I shot some video so that you all could experience some of it (and get a taste for some of the "outfits")

The early finishers of the 10k were coming in approximately 30 minutes after the start...it started to rain pretty hard so I didn't stick around for any half marathon or marathon finishes. But, if you've seen one finish you've seen them all. Cross the line, cheer, hooray, and we're done!


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