Tonight I attended an Origami Class. I figured this time around in Japan I should really try to dive right into the culture (starting with the language would have been wise, but since I haven't even mastered Spanish yet, I highly doubt I'd get far with Japanese!)

Origami class rocked, we made lots of fantastic things, mostly Valentine's themed, which makes sense since it was the February class. I decided that next month I'll sign up for both the adult and child classes since they make different items and they run back to back...plus, let's face it, I need practice on my straight lines.

What I learned in Origami is that straight folds are ESSENTIAL. You can't make even a fraction of a mistake, if you do, you're whole project will be out of line. No room for error in Origami. Not a great place for someone with OCD...not pointing any fingers (ahem, me)

The instructor showed us how to fold money into nifty things as well. After class we made our own dollar bill hearts. This makes a great way to give money as a gift!

I signed up for another class while I was there, Bingata, it is Okinawa's art of dyeing textiles. We had two choices of patterns/designs that we could do for the project...flower (Iris) or chickens. I'll keep you in suspense about which I picked. Tune in next week!


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