Monkey bat


This evening while doing my routine walk at Comprehensive Park I encountered something rather unusual. The walk started later than usual, so toward the end it was getting dark. I heard rustling up in the tree and saw what looked like a kitten (on a side note the park is littered with stray cats and dogs so that wouldn't be so outlandish). After looking closer it actually looked more like a baby/small monkey. This made me extremely happy because I've been trying to figure out if the island has monkeys (many say no, but I'm not convinced). I tried to take a pic with my iPhone camera but was unsuccessful because I have the crappy camera on the 3Gs (thanks so much AT&T for not letting me upgrade to the iPhone 4. Bastards). I digress. Back to my kitten/monkey/fill in the blank. So after taking the picture with my phone I looked more closely and noticed wings. Before even thinking that this could be a bat (the thing was huge) I actually thought that it was a flying monkey. Yes I watch Wizard of Oz/Wicked too much!

Upon further research (after returning to the a brisk pace because let's face it, a bat is way more freaking terrifying than a cute baby monkey) my estimate of the situation is that it was a fruit bat. I can't accurately express how big this freaking thing was, but trust me, this isn't the bats that you've seen in the attic. Picture a cat with wings...and that's about the appropriate size.  Here is a small picture for reference, but if you are really interested there is always google! I don't recommend it before bedtime though!

Fruit Bat (this is VERY small compared to what I saw)


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