Cape Hedo (the point where the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet)


View from lookout 
Ventured out to Cape Hedo today (after hiking Hiji Falls). It's quite close and along highway 58. Cape Hedo is the point where the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet. It is the uppermost point on Okinawa.

The drive up the coast to Cape Hedo offered several choices for humor, mainly in the road signs that they had out for construction or various warnings. All of the construction signs feature cartoon animals (almost like you see in a baby nursery) performing various construction tasks. An oxymoron at it's best.

My favorite warning sign of all was the one featuring the "land crab". Never did see an actual land crab, but I was definitely warned for a good 5k about their existence.

Watch a for land crab

The drive was rather scenic but since the sun was not out and the seas were rough, I didn't take many ocean pictures. It just wasn't as beautiful as normal!

Here is a video that I shot from the lookout point at Cape Hedo...

And finally, a slideshow of the pics that I took during my Cape Hedo adventure. Enjoy the road signs and watch out for land crabs!


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