Zampa Drummers at En Okinawa


Most amazing dinner tonight. Went to a restaurant called En Okinawa, highly recommend it as the waitstaff is great, but the entertainment on Sunday nights is PRICELESS. Zampa drummers! The intensity of the performance was truly amazing. I had to capture it on video to share! I hope you enjoy!

The shisa dog came out and danced. I have to tell you, it was actually really frightening at first and I'm an adult. I can't imagine seeing that as a child, and the restaurant had several children. At the end of the Shisa dog's dance if he puts your head in his mouth it's said to be good luck. He did this to me, hopefully someone who I was with has a picture! Such a fun experience, no words do it justice!

On the way home we stopped at Blue Seal for some ice cream. MMM!

Oh yeah, and check out the motorcycle shop that I found on the way up to En Okinawa. Nifty huh? Makes you want to run right out and get one? No?

"Skid mark motorcycle shop"

Without further ado, here are some of the videos that I shot at En Okinawa of the Zampa Drumming. 
*Side note: I've decided that I need a zampa drum because it clearly is the world's BEST arm/chest/abs workout. Ever*

There are so many more but I think you get the point from this selection here :) Wish you all could be here to experience it in person with me!

Here is the slideshow of photos that I took...


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