Me Love Okinawa!


Oh my word! I definitely found the mecca here in Okinawa. Laser hair removal in the states is enough to put your house in foreclosure. Here, you can get treatments for less than the cost of a good meal. Shoko-San is amazing, she speaks English very well and is very accommodating. She is working with my limited schedule to make sure that I get all of the treatments in before I leave. Each month she runs specials so even though you might be impressed by the costs on her website, stop in and see what specials are currently running. The March specials are the same as the February ones and I took a picture of the list and have put it here.

I can assure you that you barely feel anything when doing these treatments. Also, it doesn't take much time each session (you can literally go on a lunch break or in between classes, right after work, etc). I did not experience any redness in the treated areas and there were no after effects. After the zap, that's it.

Here is a map of where it is located. It's on the other side of the street from Cocok's. After you see Starbucks and then a United Christian Church it will be on your Left. It's on the first floor of the three story beige building. The website indicates that they do not take Sunday appointments but I have at least one Sunday appointment coming up.

If you do go, feel free to use my member name/number as she gives referral bonuses and discounts. Laura, 370

Happy Hairlessness


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