To Nago and Beyond


Today I embarked on the "Explore the North" tour and wow, was it packed with things to do/see/eat! The tour started at the Nakijin Castle (which happens to be a World Heritage Site). What I gathered from the tour guide was that there were a lot of concubines. They had children very young. They lived in separate quarters, concubine quarters if you will. We were taken to the site of the concubine quarters and let me tell you about the view. If that's how you get a view like that...

Next stop on the tour was lunch, which was delicious, teppanyaki style, meaning that you have a grill built into your table where you cook your own food.

After our meal we headed to Pineapple Park and tasted lots of samples and whatnot. This is a great place for gifts for people, they have everything that you can imagine in pineapple...except Kit Kats, WTF.

Next up we went to the Ryuku Glass Craft. This place is amazing and I do hope that I'll be able to get back here in the near future. You can blow your own glass! They have a store with tons of amazing items, many worth more than my life. It's a look don't touch kind of store! I tried to get a video of the glass blowing but it was almost my turn and I didn't have the settings correct on my camera, so it's a bit blurry at times, but neat to see none the less!

Final stop on the trip was the Orion Brewery. Unfortunately (or fortunately since I was dead tired at this point) the tour portion was not an option because they are doing renovations (to eventually include a beer garden with restaurant and menu option of all you can drink)

The weather was definitely fantastic, a good beach day. I'm hoping to get one of those soon! Word on the street is that there is sunshine in the forecast for next weekend!


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