2/15/11 at 10:45 (ish) pm a 4/8 magnitude earthquake hit the Ryuku island of Japan. This is 45 miles from Okinawa, so I definitely felt the shakes. I happened to be sleeping at the time, and recall feeling moving and not being fully conscious to be able to acknowledge/realize that that movement of a building was not appropriate.

What's equally interesting is that for the past 3 assignments in various locations, I have experienced earthquakes. Perhaps I need to start looking at seismic maps before taking assignments! Before leaving for Japan the first time I experienced a large earthquake in St Louis as well. YIKES! Definitely a reminder of how small and powerless we are in this big world...and...don't piss off Mother Nature or Mother Earth! Those bitches are fierce!


  1. I laughed out loud when I read that last sentence. I needed that today! Thank you. I am def in need of my Laura time. Miss ya.


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