Photopia (iPhone style)


Happy Valentine's Day all...not my favorite holiday by any stretch of the imagination, but I decided against a long tirade here on my blog, since hey, let's just enjoy the fact that people are being attentive and sweet to one another, at least for this day!

Not the purpose of this post...

I flipped through my photo album on my iPhone and realized that I had quite a few photos that I have yet to share on my blog, so here it is...iPhone Photopia...

Sunsetting at Comprehensive Park

Angry Mr. Fox sign?

Sunset at Comprehensive Park

The pic I tried to get of the Monkey bat

Beautiful flower display outside hotel restaurant

Care for some Fried Tebichi?

Tuna and Avocado Carpaccio (one of my favorites!)

Mango Sherbert...definitely my favorite!

View from the 10th floor restaurant one evening

"The other purpose"

Toilet bathroom


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