Okinawan's really know how to do Valentine's Day


So it probably comes as no big surprise that Valentine's Day isn't my favorite holiday on the calendar...what will come as a surprise is that I might be a converted Valentine lover. All thanks to the ever so friendly people of Okinawa. I mean seriously. It started this morning before ever arriving at work when I was wished a Happy Valentine's Day by a total stranger.

Next were the endless Valentine's wishes while at work

Next up, I attended my Bingata (art) class and was showered with gifts from the Okinawan woman who co-hosts the class. She gave me an origami box that was beautiful and had a pink origami heart on it. It was then filled with Okinawan chocolates. I was also given a homemade truffle by one of the other students in class (who happened to be in my origami class too). These gifts never stop. I'm warming up to Valentine's Day!

Finally, we stopped at Chili's to grab something for dinner after class, and immediately after paying each of the women in my dinner party were given a red rose. Converted. Official. Valentine. Lover.

I would like to celebrate each and every holiday in Okinawa please. They sure do know how to make strangers feel special!


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