My paint over the pattern
Tonight was class 1 of 2 of Bingata (traditional Okinawan art of textile dying). It really is quite a process and we're only doing part of it for the class. We arrived to fabrics that already had the patterns on them and the glue applied, we had our colored pain next to us so it was our job to paint according to the picture, or to use whichever colors we desired to complete the project. In two weeks we wash off the glue and apply the darker accent colors and then we are finished.

The painting of the fabric is done in a special technique. When I read about bingata it said that two brushes are used, one in each hand, while simultaneously painting. We did not do that. Thankfully. But, what you do do, is paint in a circular motion.

When the glue is removed it then leaves white accents on the fabric (ex: lines in a flower or leaf)

I finished my painting early and was lucky enough to score a bonus origami lesson (I made several variations on the crane and then something she called a rabbit, I however don't see the resemblance)

My supplies, the brushes aren't like regular paintbrushes
The pattern I was following...roughly

So, while my textile dries and cures for the next two week, I'll keep you updated with various other island nonsense :)


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