Zanpa Lighthouse and Beach


The weather was absolutely perfect, lots of sun, bright blue sky, and nice puffy clouds from time to time. Why not venture off to a beach and lighthouse?! We did exactly that. Zanpa Lighthouse is very close to where I am staying. It cost 200 Yen to climb to the top of the lighthouse and rest assured it was worth every yen cent! The view was spectacular (although it was quite windy and at times I wondered whether or not the lighthouse was secure to really withstand such winds).

I have been told by Okinawan's that Cape Zanpa is where you can go to whale watch (on land). The humpback whales come in during this time to mate and many people have seen them from the shore. Now that's my kind of whale watch, no puking required! Unfortunately I did not see any whales on this day

Lighthouse in distance
The beach is close to the lighthouse, but you have to pay for parking at the beach, not at the lighthouse, so we walked from the lighthouse to the beach and enjoyed some of the most beautiful weather that I have seen in Okinawa! The beach was deserted, only two other families.

After some time on the beach we walked back and stopped at what seemed to be a giant tag sale. All kinds of things (mostly ceramics) were being sold.

Ceramics at the "swap meet"

All in all a very successful day. I did however find it hard to really relax and enjoy myself, knowing that tomorrow I will be put through all kinds of hell when I go in for my first meeting (assessment/demo) with my Crossfit Asia trainer. I can already anticipate the hurt, and quite frankly I might need some pepto just to make it to the appointment!


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