Bulleted Bangkok

Things I wish I knew, wish I didn't know, and perhaps could have done without...

  • Bring your own TP
  • Traffic sucks (there aren't words to properly describe the suckage)
  • Because of the above bullet, plan your hotel accordingly, be near public transport or the areas you wish to see. I was right on the public transport, but unfortunately it doesn't access old town
  • Negotiate pricing
  • Use a foreign currency app to make sure you're aware of what you're paying
  • Bring an umbrella and sunscreen
  • Bring something to cover yourself when entering temples (it avoids the lines to access the rental skirts/shirts etc)
  • If you eat durian you aren't supposed to drink alcohol after, I presume it's something to do with the content within the fruit, no idea. I was strongly advised against it by a few different Thai locals.
  • Double and triple check the airport you are booking. There are two in Thailand. The discount airlines tend to fly into the smaller one. I didn't realize that and booked a flight in to Bangkok (at the tail end of my trip) to fly out the next morning from the other airport..lesson learned)
  • If you find yourself in predicament mentioned above there is a free shuttle between the airports. But remember what I said about Bangkok traffic. 
  • Not just applicable to Bangkok but anywhere in Asia. Pack light. Many airlines will weigh your carry on too so be mindful of weight limits when traveling (both checked and carry on) I know for EVA flying to Bangkok from Okinawa I had a 10kg weight limit on my carry on (but was allowed to take my laptop out so it didn't count towards the weight)
  • Wear clothes that breathe. Seriously it's hot and you sweat. Things you can wash in a hotel sink or send to be laundered if you wish to pay $5 for a pair of underwear to be washed, are essential. I'm already grossed out by my clothes and going to seek out laundry facilities in Chisng Mai. 
  • Not all massages are created equal. There are massage places all over the streets, people trying to sell you "massages" some are massages, some are "extra services. Do what you will but be aware before you get there! I didn't get a massage (legit or not) so just passing on some info that may be helpful if perhaps you're looking 
  • Everything is not as it appears. If it has boobs it doesn't mean it's also got coordinating parts down below. Lots of katoeys and lots of fellas think they are "arranging" services that don't include a penis. Just sayin. Oh and if you think they are totally obvious. They aren't. Well some are, but some ARE NOT! I wasn't in the market for any of this so it wasn't an issue for me but I do know that the fellas get in trouble with this from time to time 


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