Day 18: Goodbye Bangkok, Thailand...hello Taipei, Taiwan


I woke up very early this morning, 3 something. I just couldn't get back to sleep. I think my body just new that my vacation was coming to an end and my mind was beginning anxious as a result. I haven't been this happy in a long time and I dread that vacation hangover, coming down from the excitement, settling back into the reality of things (at least until my next trip), and moving to a new place where I am completely unfamiliar. I can look at all of that as "not being on holiday" and "not Thailand" or I can embark on it as another I will do exactly that!

That's not to say that I wasn't completely morose when I woke up this morning knowing my flight would be taking me out of Thailand. 

I am rather excited and hopeful though, I found a super neat opportunity that I'm hoping to take advantage of tomorrow morning. I overnight in Taipei (I did not get a hotel so I will be airport camping) and the tourism board offers free tours of the city (the one that fits my schedule leaves at 8am and gets back at 1pm) its first come first serve and caps off at 18 people. Did I mention that it's free?! I love Taipei! I hope I make the cut tomorrow morning. Until then let's see what kind of shenanigans airport camping brings me today/tonight! If I can find a luggage storage place within the airport that will keep luggage overnight I will go into the city and grab some food at one of the night markets!

I arrived in Taipei and was on a mission to find the free tours and the baggage storage. Free tours was the easiest. You just go to an info counter and they can get you all signed up! Baggage storage was a mess. Ultimately (after being told it was at gate D5, walking to D5 and it not being there, being told they don't have one, then being told that you have to exit the secure area (go through customs and immigration and then come back in) I decided to wait until the morning when I would go and get rid of my bags and meet up with the tour all at once. 

Then I was attempting to find food, knowing that airport food options close at some point, yet not being hungry made it difficult. I finally decided that I really just wanted some water so I was looking for a water bottle. Stumbled on a Starbucks and after I looked at the options I picked one that said Taiwan and not the more sensible one harness ugly hit on sale (for how much I have no idea, I didn't get out my app). Big mistake. I should have gotten the app out. Most expensive water bottle ever. That thing should come with a gold crown and staff. Oh well. I'll be hydrated and I can take it on my tour with me and you better believe I won't take it to Thailand with me next time because I'm never throwing it out. This ain't a Nalgene!

When I went to pay the very sweet Taiwanese baristas handed me a cute little sampler and proudly pointed to the concoction on their artistically drawn chalk menu, purple sweet potato frappuccino...made with real purple sweet potatoes. Now, I love purple sweet potatoes but the thought of this as a frappuccino turned my stomach. I was preparing my fake "oh it's good" For them, but after the shock (and I think potato skin in mouth) of the first sip, it really was good! Who knew?! They were so thrilled that I liked it that they asked to take a picture with me, so we did, without two fingers up near our faces, so Asian. I'm like a tall chubby blonde Asian these days!

I found a nice reclining lawn chair, yes they have those in the airport, and settles on for the evening. This location while less comfy than the massage chairs in the "relaxation" section downstairs, was conveniently located next to a bathroom that had showers, something I planned to take full advantage of tomorrow morning before my tour, and maybe after too!

Not too much else to report from Taipei airport. All is well! I'm pretty excited for tomorrow's tour it's going outside of the city to some temples and a pottery village, parts of Taipei I haven't seen yet! It will be nice to get a little touring in before I head back to Okinawa!


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