A Very Bali Christmas


As much as I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing my "dating" with all of you, I'm also greatly looking forward to getting back to how this blog started, to my true love, travel. With that I'm off today an another adventure...Bali. This trip while AWEsome by all intents and purposes really goes deeper for me.

Here's why. About this time I was supposed to be going to Bali to get married. Well life had other plans, and what I thought was a big shake up, was actually the best thing that could have happened to me. I remember my friends telling me at the time that I was so much better off. I can't tell you the number of times people (totally not connected to each other) told me "you totally dodged a bullet with this one". That saying. I remember hearing it, knowing their intentions, but also just feeling like, yeah that's not helping me right now, I kind of feel like shit thanks. Here's the thing. They were right. Every last one of them.
And here's something else that's really awesome about life, just because plans don't work out how you thought they would (like getting married on the beach in Bali), it doesn't mean you can't step that shit up a notch. Go to freaking Bali. Have an even better time. Celebrate the fact that you did in fact dodge a bullet, a really crazy nasty bullet that you thankfully aren't tied to. No one can take Bali from you!

With that my friends, I send lots of love, fasten your seat belts, I assure you no damn stone will be left unturned in beautiful Bali

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I almost forgot, I had to say goodbye to Miss Naomi today (my housekeeper and now basically family), it was sad, I'll miss her dearly. You can never underestimate the importance of human connections. This woman really took to me when I moved in. She thought I was a lot younger than I was and I think instantly felt the need to be motherly. When she found out my age, she changed her focus to trying to find me a husband (that Filipino in her). There hasn't been a day when she hasn't essentially chased me down the hall with niceties. I leave her little gift baskets for holidays, cards thanking her randomly, things that are so small in nature but that she appreciates to no end. She has more hope in finding me a man than probably anyone. She's more persistent than Tinder. So if you get a wedding invitation in broken English for a Filipino themed wedding it's probably for my arranged marriage, and to be honest, at this point, I would maybe not object! Miss Naomi told me in full confidence that I'll find someone very soon, she knows it, and her intuition is never wrong. Something about her conviction had even me convinced. Regardless of her matchmaking or arrangement of my marriage, this woman has cared for me so hard and meant so much to me, and I will truly miss her. Miss Naomi has become family and yes I realize that sounds crazy to a lot of people, but when you live in a hotel for a long period of time perhaps you too will have the pleasure of such a sweet kind spirit as Miss Naomi (and who knows, maybe I'll see all of you at my Filipino arranged marriage)!


  1. Love this entry! �� Have fun my friend! I love you tremendously and can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

    1. <3 Thank you! Love you right back. A little bit of Bali for everyone!

  2. Looking forward to your posts, and of course, you always bring a smile to my ole face! Keep trekking, dear one!

    1. Right back at ya! I enjoyed vicariously traveling (and eating) through Japan with you on your recent expeditions! Sending hugs! Nice big awkward ones :)


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