Bali Day 13: Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Pura Kehen Temple, Desa Penglipuran Village, Kanto Lampo Waterfall, and convincing Made to Climb YET ANOTHER Volcano!


Shortly after my delicious breakfast this morning, but before Made arrived to pick me up for adventures, Ogy's mom came in with a basket full of flowers, holy water, incense and other goodies. Mystery solved. She is the sweet person who has been leaving all of the offerings throughout the villa. This was the first time I noticed them inside the villa. She left one poolside, one in front of the steps, one on the kitchen counter, and many outside.  These offerings (not just in my villa but everywhere in Bali) are something that I will never forget. The beautiful flowers, the sweet smelling incense, the little woven palm baskets that they all sit in, how they are all swept into a pile at the end of the day.

The second that I laid eyes on Made this morning I started in on Mt Batur, he tried diversion tactics, he tried flat out "no", he tried refocusing to today's itinerary (waterfalls, a village, and a temple), the man used some of my own tactics I was impressed. But I'm a professional and for the 50 times he told me "no", I persisted harder and kept pressing with "yes" and finally wore the poor guy down. So it's agreed upon. He's picking me up tomorrow morning, 2am, and we are climbing Mt Batur (an active volcano) TOGETHER! I tell him daily that I'm going to miss him, that he's a good sport, that he's been an amazing adventure buddy, that he's appreciated. I hope that none of those things get lost in translation because I truly appreciate this human. This trip wouldn't have been what it is without this sweet soul.

First adventure of the day was Tukad Cepung, a waterfall! Having not done proper research ahead of time I had no clue what to expect. Even when you do your research in Bali, it's never what you expect! I knew that since I didn't wear a bathing suit that I'd probably end up soaked! That's just how Bali luck tends to work!
The drive up to the waterfall was similar to a few that I've taken with Made before. Agung rearing it's angry head along the way, billowing smoke out of the top. Along the way we passed a truck with a HUGE pig tied in the back. Made informed me that these pigs are not local, they are from Australia, brought over as babies and raised to be massive here. He informed me like pets, but that might have been a communication breakdown, I didn't want to ask too many questions 1. because I really like bacon and 2. because I definitely didn't want to hear about animal slaughter. I have a rule here in Bali; don't ask questions you don't want answers to.

Tukad Cepung is a beautiful waterfall. Free parking, cheap entry, not too too many stairs down (although they're freaking huge, like double stairs) and when you get to the bottom you water trek for a little bit until you get to an opening that's almost like a cave and the waterfall is there. It wasn't crowded, only a few other people there. The water was clear (a nice change from the water at Hidden Canyon) and had I had a swimsuit and been up for being soaked all day, it would have been perfect for splashing around (not deep enough to swim).

Next up was Pura Kehen Temple. This was a very pleasant surprise. Not far from Tukad Cepung, cheap entry (included sarong in the fee) and stunning temple/view. Almost no one there when we got there made it even better (sometimes temples can be a little annoying/overwhelming with the photo shoots that are going on with people on the steps leading up to them. It no only makes it impossible to get pictures without people in them but also nearly impossible to walk around large groups of people who clearly lack spacial awareness).

After Pura Kehen Temple it was off to Desa Penglipuran Village. Made said that whenever there is a competition that this village always wins because it is so clean. It was true, walking through there on the main path you could tell that they took a lot of pride in their community. Each entry way at the same gate/arch entrance. All well cared for and all uniform. Granted since this is a tourist attraction, there's a lot of the tourist junk being sold so it was sad to see that in this "traditional" community. I got swarmed by a group from a remote island in Indonesia (I don't quite know the island because of a language breakdown with Made and I but he finally explained it to me after constantly being asked for pictures by Indonesians and me not knowing why (I'll admit the first few times I was like, uhhhhhh am I getting robbed?! I've lived in Europe, that shit happens!). At any rate, apparently these Indonesians don't see people who basically don't look like them so I'm essentially a unicorn (I always knew it!!) and it starts with throwing their kids at me for a pic, then quickly 6 generations are in there and I feel like a celeb. A really tall one.

The village was having some kind of festival. I didn't quite understand what Made was saying about the festival other than, because of the festival I wouldn't have to pay an entry fee. Funny how you can hear FREE!

At the village Made told me that people will stare and/or comment on my tattoos because my white skin and the color makes them very beautiful and something that Balinese people are not used to seeing. Also because Indonesian women do not have tattoos.

Final stop on the itinerary today was the Kanto Lampo Waterfall. This was probably my least favorite only because it was very busy/crowded and touristy. I like the more off the beaten path places. There were large groups doing the photo shoot thing down on the falls. And if you wanted a shot directly in front of the falls you were getting at least waist deep in the water. Made kept trying to convince me to climb up onto the falls like many people were doing to sit for a picture, but I just didn't have it in my to sit soaked for the car ride home, I wasn't wanting to get sick before Batur tomorrow! I also knew that he didn't want to get wet in his jeans to then have to drive home soaked (to take said picture) either!  So we looked from the side, on the stairs, nice and dry! For waterfalls, I've seen way better in Bali, way less crowded. I'd say stick to the ones that require less trekking and thus keep the crowds away!

Got back to the villa around 4pm and realized that I probably needed to be thinking about bedtime since Made would be there at 2am to pick me up for our volcano trek adventure. Definitely going to be showering and/or quasi dressing and going to bed like that tonight so I can pretty much roll and go! This will be the first day in 2+ weeks of wearing shoes. Legit, shoes. Kind of hate the thought of putting shoes on my feet, but I did read that wearing sandals won't cut it. I bet I could do it in Chacos but then again I think about the Fuji climb and I sure wouldn't have been able to do that in Chacos. So I'll give in and wear shoes. This one time! Kind of wishing I brought my headlamp but also guessing that the guide will have one. Here's to hoping. Otherwise Made and I will have an even bigger adventure ahead of us. A blind climb.
My research said that the sunrise can suck or be non-existent during raining season, but honestly I don't even care. I just want to do it for the experience. Hell I climbed Mt Fuji in gale force winds, rain and hale and didn't get a sunrise either so I'm prepared but will be so appreciative should Mother Nature grace me with one!

Oh and if you don't hear from me or see posts on my insta,  Mt Batur is an active volcano.

Here is my compilation video from today's pics and videos. Tomorrow is my last adventure with Made and I can't think of a better way to wrap things up. Climbing a volcano. He might think differently but to me it's perfect. We've been adventure buddies from the beginning, constantly stepping it up as the trip progressed, so why not summit a volcano, in the dark. What are you doing on your Friday?


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