Bali Day 15: Half Month Mark, Last Full Day in Bali, Bartering Like a Boss, and a Message to the Ladies


I don't know how this happened. I remember the first day in Bali like it was yesterday. I remember thinking how I had SO many days to be here. And now it's like I blinked and it's over. I have so many wonderful memories imprinted on my heart and soul, I'm leaving here a different person, yet still, I simply don't know how my time here is over. My last full day in Bali.

I went into today really consciously focusing on all of the things that are important to me here, the things that I will miss so much, making sure to take time to appreciate and acknowledge them. The amazing breakfast that Ogy prepares every day with the perfectly cut fruit. The visits from Olek when he sneaks in (and Ogy gets made at him because he dirties the floor but secretly I love his visits and his little playful personality), The offerings that get left at the villa door and all over Bali, the smell from the incense, the friendly "hellos" from people walking by that are combined with a big smile, every little bit of beauty that I walk by daily on my way into downtown Ubud and the new little gems that I discover with each walk, my friend Made and the way he laughs and then reluctantly agrees to my crazy ideas, I could go on forever, and maybe when I get back and recover from my vacation hangover I will. The cliffs notes version is I came, I saw, I soaked in Bali, and I am all the better for it.

I walked into town today on a mission. Elephant pants for a friend and her kiddo, more Rupiah from the ATM, and snack food. Snack food is always a priority, especially when boarding a plane that serves extra shitty meals. I've honestly been super impressed with most overseas flights/airlines and their meals (compared to the dog food that American carriers serve, if they serve anything at all) Singapore Airlines food is barf. Total barf. So snack food is in order. Thankfully I have a leftover RX Bar in my backpack that has been hanging with me for at least a month (because I've had it this entire time here, and for a couple of weeks before leaving, and still it's condition is better than Singapore Airlines food!). Good airline food, Asiana, shit is delicious and you can order from a menu when you book your flight. I ate my pretty little face off flying to Thailand, pad Thai and mango sticky rice. Back on track, walking into town to get the essentials. Went straight to the ATM to get some cash money. Can't barter your way to the good deals without it! Was hoping to score some good deals on the elephant pants, and I did. My bartering skills were on point. Fun fact I actually really hate bartering and kind of suck at it, but for some reason it was easy for me here because I really wanted nothing, and could easily walk away. After walking through the entire art market I ended up with a few extra things, but still did not leave with a giant dream catcher. Had they not had feathers all over them it probably would have been mine. The inner hippie in me kind of loved it, and kind of decided that I need one, but it's not going home with me this time!

I decided to do lunch at a different place. It's not in the main downtown area but somewhere along the walk back. Cafe Made's won me over, it was cute, small, empty, and had great ambiance. I ordered a salad and some summer rolls (shrimp) both came with toasted cashews, which truly were delicious. I also had a fresh mango juice and an iced cafe latte, the entire meal was amazing. I'd go back in a heartbeat!

While walking back from downtown Ubud after lunch I had an unfortunate thing happen to me. I share it only as a reminder. Sadly this isn't the first time something like this has happened in my life but it is certainly the first time anything of this nature has happened here in Bali, I think that's what makes it sort of harder to process. The people have been so caring and nice and peaceful, it maybe made me put my guard down more than I normally would.
I was walking down a windy part of a hill that leads back (eventually) to the villa. Cars and scooters come close to you as there is no sidewalk. As I was walking down a man on a scooter pulled up next to me and eventually stopped. I didn't understand what he was saying but I assumed he was asking if I needed a taxi (as that gets asked no less than a million times a day). I politely said no thank you, smiled, he smiled, and he drove off, I continued walking down the hill. I didn't think anything of it and didn't pay attention to where he went. Apparently he pulled off because it flattens out then you start up another hill with curves, I was doing the uphill part and coming around a curve when I feel a hand grab my ass almost knocking me off of the road, same man with a dirty ass grin on his face as he looked back and continued to scoot by/off. I didn't have enough time to process it in the time that it happened and him literally doing a drive by of it, if I had I probably would have punched the guy. I'm not sure what Indonesian law is like but you could have potentially seen me starring on locked up abroad. I spent the rest of the walk home reminding myself of the positive people in Bali the amazing experiences, and refusing to let this one person and this one situation taint a super amazing 15 days that I've had here. One event can really shake you if you let it, or you can focus on the positive, keep your power, and remember that one person is not a reflection of the whole. I choose to remember Bali by the wonderful and amazing souls who have marked my life for the better. I remember Bali by my friend Made who has literally trekked all over this damn island and laughed with me throughout it. I share this event with you though because there are no less than a million people hustling taxi's and other such things. It's not to say that they are bad people but you're at the mercy of a stranger when you get on their scooter so just be safe and be aware.

This is actually the video that I was making when he first pulled up to me. I remember being super pissed that this asshole pulled up and ruined my shot, but you can actually see his creepy ass in it at the very end before the video cuts out...

Still love the shit out of Bali...for the record!

I came back to the villa, decompressed, and spent the afternoon in the pool (not packing!). It was lovely!

I also submerged myself in my new book that I bought at a cute little bookshop in town, Eleanor & Park, so far so good!

Here's my short and sweet final full day in Bali pics/videos.


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