Alas, we have new Kit Kats!

Finally! New Kit Kats! I'm happy to report that I have stumbled upon two new flavors of Kit Kats today while out and about in Japan town!

First up we have what they call "bitter almond". I actually tried this one and it's quite good. I'm guessing it got it's name because of the dark chocolate, I could be wrong.

The next flavor is a complete mystery to me. I did try this one and I will say nothing more because someone reading this blog is going to get the pleasure of trying it, and I'm not telling who :) Anyways, there is no "name" for the flavor, which to me looks like a cup of yogurt with green jelly gobs floating in it.

Kit Kats have been scarce lately, but rest assured, I am searching in every nook and cranny possible to bring you the widest variety of flavors known to man!


  1. It sure explains the cheesecake Hershey's kisses, doesn't it?

  2. Oh my goodness, totally. You'll be happy to know that I already have cheesecake kit kats. I hope they taste NOTHING like the Hershey's kisses!


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