Oh hey I'm famous...


So most of you already know that I'm a pretty big deal...this just confirms it. I'm on TV...so what if you can't understand what they are saying...this is not the point (and clearly those thoughts are only because of how insanely jealous you are of my new found celebrity status...it's OK!)

I can be seen at 4:48 and again at 5:35 for an actual quote where I say something ridiculous like "perfect"...but let me frame this for you. I had just slid down a waterfall backwards and head first, I barely came up for air and that camera was in my face. Not only was I speechless from the experience but I was also just trying to get air in the lungs and water out...Most of you who know me know that had I had full oxygen potential to the brain I probably would have cursed or said something partially offensive!


  1. 1. That is awesome.
    2. Can I have your autograph in Japanese, if you please?

  2. KCB only for you...and does it count if my autograph just looks like Japanese when it's written out???!


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