Nikko & Kegon Waterfall


I apologize in advance for the lack of decent pictures, the weather was absolutely terrible today! It only cleared up briefly while we were at the lake (a stopping point between Nikko and the Kegon Waterfall).

Nikko Shrine was absolutely amazing...had the weather been nice, I probably would have enjoyed it. But since it was down pouring and my raincoat was doing absolutely NOTHING, in fact I think it was exacerbating the was difficult to really fully enjoy the "beautiful" scenery that the shrine had to offer.

There was this really cool part where we went inside one of the buildings and a guy was hitting these two sticks together on one side of the room and it sounded like ordinary sticks being hit together, but when he did it underneath the huge dragon that was painted on the sealing it made a much better sound and reverberated (very different from the other sound). They called it the crying of the dragon. It was amazing!

The lake was beautiful, the fog was moving in and out so we were able to snap a few pictures (sans rain).

When we finally got to the Kegon Waterfall (what I had been most excited about this day) the fog was so thick that we couldn't see anything to do with the waterfall. I stood there for a minute, looked around and saw nothing but dense fog, and decided that it was there to stay. So I went back to my second favorite hobby, shopping! I was so busy making my way through the little towns shops that I apparently missed my mom running around frantically calling my name (when the fog finally lifted)...I'm the only one who didn't see that damn waterfall. I saw my mom's pictures, it was beautiful.

Sorry for the brief and really not that entertaining blog post tonight. It's our last night here in Japan, we have lots of packing to do and we all know my mom has to get her sweets fix :)  See you all soon!  <3


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