I think I'm turning Japanese


My t-shirt collection continues to expand. Today I was able to score to beautiful numbers. The first is a classy panda t shirt that says "these animals are good tree climbers" on the front and on the back. The other one has a pretty bow and some other graphics and on the back it says "starts a revolution because of the shine..." I know, fantastic! I'm just doing my part to fit in over here!

Speaking of fitting in...rompers are a pretty big deal over here. Not just rompers but skimpy little rompers made from see through materials. So in my attempt to "fit in" I also attempted to put one of these bad boys on today. I was quickly reminded that I have some things that Japanese girls/women do not...hips and and an ass...turns out that the good old medium romper wouldn't go over my thighs...the search continues...

In my attempt to try on this one piece item I did get to thinking about some things (yes I do a lot of my thinking in dressing rooms and bathrooms, so what?!)...since this is a one piece item, how does one go to the bathroom? Really is it the best design of clothing to have to fully disrobe before using the "facilities"? Furthermore, we're in Japan...what about the Benjo? This then led me to the realization that in purchasing a romper, you are entering into an unwritten agreement that you will have to do the nudie benjo bounce, because unless they have some sort of secret device, there is no way around it. After picturing all of this in my head, I'm definitely reconsidering my need for a romper. Perhaps I can invent one with a drop seat...too many thoughts for one dressing room!


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