Shinjuku National Garden, Meiji Shrine, Harijuku


Today we actually got a break from the rain (how nice I know) so we decided to go to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. It was a short walk from the hotel and was absolutely worth every bit of that and the 200 Yen that we paid to get in (about $2)! It is a huge garden with various sections (Japanese style, french rose garden, English landscape, and huge open spaces where people were picnicking and whatnot)

Next up was the Meiji Shrine in Harijuku. It was a bit of a walk from the train station, it was now hot and humid (making me slightly miserable and not zen-like). On the way to the shrine on one side of the path there were tons of Sake barrels with great decorative labels. On the other side were wine barrels (with some purpose but it was too hot to pay attention and care, so I took a picture of the sign to read about it later!)

Next up was Harijuku. Wow! This is the area of Tokyo known for having people (male and female) dress up in outlandish outfits/costumes/make up and walk through the streets. I was able to capture a few great looks (both male and female) on our travels through Harijuku. There are tons of food and shopping options here, if you don't mind battling the crowds. Literally shoulder to shoulder, or if you're tall it might be more armpit to head. It was hot, but definitely entertaining and fun!


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