So long, farewell, I hate (can't wait) to say goodbye...


The time here has quickly come to an end. Tomorrow is my last day of work, and in an effort to part ways with the lovely city of Yokosuka Japan I have come up with a list of things that I will miss terribly when I am back in the U.S.
*I won't be leaving Japan for another two weeks though because mom and I will be traveling around like crazy kids, I will keep the blog updated!*

1. Lemon soda (lemon squish I believe is the name) it comes in a black can that has yellow polka dots and is amazingly refreshing (even has lemon pulp in it)
2. Sushi-go-rounds (and just good, fresh sushi in general)
3. People who sing to greet you as you enter/exit their stores (yes they are that friendly here!)
4. The Kit Kat hunt (2 more weeks left and I'm determined to expand my collection!)
5. The Toto Washlet (really there are no words)
6. Everyone backed in to parked
7. The triangles (seaweed wrapped around a triangle of rice with some sort of surprise (usually fish) in the middle)
8. Amazing public transportation
9. Dead silent and immaculately clean trains
10. The toilet paper folded in neat triangles at the ends each morning (thank you housekeeping) and after bathrooms are cleaned
11. Coffee in a can (essentially my " a can" experience has been phenomenal...if it can be put in a can, they do, and they do it well!)
12. The millions of miles that I have walked. I may not miss the ones I walked in monsoon like weather, but really it has been fantastic exercise and has contributed to my efforts to "get it right get it tight"

I've finished another book in the meantime:

  • The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest

I could go on forever. This has been a great experience, and I definitely will take so many memories and laughs along with me to my next adventure!
Happy travels :)


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