It's a party in my mouth!

In addition to the Kit Kats coming in what I guess I will call "unique" flavors. Many of their chips also have some interesting flavors and names as well! I am not even going to start a collection of these things too, the Kit Kats are bad enough, but the names on these two containers had me at...hello!

Being in Japan there are some foods that I definitely miss and these two mini cans of Pringles captured them perfectly. The Pringles cans both say "funpicnic" for the flavor, but the picture tells a completely different story...

Flavor 1: Cheese fries.
Flavor 2: Chicken wings

I don't know what kind of picnics they have here, but I clearly need to be invited to one if cheese fries and chicken wings are involved. Hell, I never had those on any picnic I went on!


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