Man wearing panties, Glam Dolls, Drag, and other useless information


And you thought you were just getting one post today. No way faithful readers...I couldn't help but let you in on the lovely little evening that my mom and I had here in the lovely area of Shinjuku in Tokyo. First, we were coming down the escalator and I saw ass cheeks and leg hair. When the rest of the person was in view (from behind mind you) I saw a ponytail (to the side) and made a comment to my mom about the woman forgetting to wear her pants to the shopping quickly guessed that it was a way, couldn't have been...he/she had a very woman-ish rear. Well after shopping around (mainly snooping and staying in close proximity to get a closer view of this site) I was able to catch a glimpse of the face...with a beard (no we aren't talking an elderly woman's beard, this was a full on man). Clearly he decided to leave the house in what looked like panties to me. One wrong move and everything was going to be showing in the front!

Later on the walk home (about a street away from where we are staying) we saw what I will call the glam dolls...again these are not women but men. They "operate" (I say operate because I have no idea what they do but have suspicions that it is similar to the "ladies of the night") at all hours...afternoon, morning, early morning, late evening, you name it and they are there...fully fashionable with their hair just right. I guess the best way to describe these fellas would be to put prom hair on men. Some have cornrows on the side with the rest sprayed and styled very high. Perhaps the height has some significance...
All ozone problems can be attributed to the hairstyles on the glam dolls.
I have yet to get a picture of them, but I will do my best, as their hair is not only impressive but an art form!

Finally on the journey home (yes there was more before reaching the hotel) we passed a restaurant/bar/nightclub/strip club/brothel (I have no idea what it is) and there were two men in dresses and one of them was made to look pregnant. They both had enough makeup on to resemble clowns in the circus and their chest and leg hair was displayed proudly. Ahh home!


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