Mt. Fuji and Hakone


Today we ventured outside of Tokyo to some different perfectures (that's what they call them) but most importantly we were on Mt Fuji. We went to the 5th station. I won't tell you how many stations there are (you can just stay impressed that I was on Mt Fuji not just on the bottom gazing up)! Thankfully the sun came out at just the right time for us to get a few shots of "her" (they refer to Mt Fuji as a "her" so I will too, don't want to piss off the mountain Gods)
We got a lucky bell inside the 5th station, I plan to keep that with me, I don't presently have much luck so perhaps this little Fuji bell can help me out!

After driving down Fuji, we had lunch at the bottom at a hotel. Our tour guide indicated that it would be a "weak lunch". Being a big fan of eating this concerned me. What was presented to us was a beautiful tray with individual dishes of bite size items. It was delicious (for the most part).

Next to the hotel their was a bus station/truck stop (these are fabulous over here) and this turned out to be no disappointment. We found wine in paper cups (they have a foil lid and are sold right next to the beer cans). We of course purchased one of each (red and white) and will be sampling later. Knowing how fantastic wine in a can is, I sure hope that wine in a dixie cup does not disappoint!

Next up we bussed through some more perfectures (maybe she was saying prefectures an I just couldn't understand) until we arrived at Hakone. When we were driving to Hakone the weather changed rather quickly. So long sunshine, hello clouds and rain. We literally couldn't see 20 feet in front of us. Oh and the wind, yes that was enjoyable too. You will appreciate why I am giving you the forecast when I tell you what we did in Hakone. First up was the cable car ride (remember wind, rain, no visibility...) to the top of something (I can't tell you what because I couldn't see). The cable car was filled with people and smelled like dirty feet. I'm sure there is a wonderful view on a nice sunny clear day though! This area of Japan is famous for it's inlay wood (beautiful jewelry boxes, frames, other trinkets). We had about 5 seconds to shop before we were being shuffled back onto the bus to go to our next stop...the ferry ride. Again, zero visibility makes for a bland ride. We arrived somewhere and were given about 15 minutes to shop around. And shop we did!
Mom got me a beautiful jewelry box (the inlay wood) that also plays music for my birthday!

After Hakone we hopped back on the bus and headed back to Tokyo, Shinjuku to be exact...our little home in this fantastic city!


  1. Note to Ann: Did you see any Hakone grass like I have in my garden?

  2. Mom says no she hasn't seen it yet! It was so foggy we couldn't see anything!


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