No sheet?


I have been looking forward to this weekend in Tokyo for several weeks. There are many reasons for this: exploring a new city, getting out of this crappy hotel, new food options, but most importantly was the spa appointments that I scheduled for a Massage and Facial (OK pervs no jokes these are legit...not the offers the girls "sell" on the corner!)

So I am ready to go with this massage, thinking it will be like massages at home (I know, what was I thinking?!)...the massage itself was's how it started off that had me a little on edge. Perhaps I should have had a cocktail before going to this appointment?!

I walking into the hair salon because that's where they do the spa services. It's one person and one room. The room has two curtains hanging down but you can see into it from the hair salon. I'm instructed to undress, except underwear and to lie face down on the table (the table is a massage table with towels (Japanese towel=American washcloth) placed over it. I saw no large towel or sheet to cover myself with so I immediately (in slight panic mode) asked if there was a towel or sheet. I was told that she would place the towel on me after I was lying down. OK...modesty out the window...nakie it is. I wont lie, I did look at the "towels" on the table to see if there was anything that would provide some cover (didn't I mention that there was little "shield" between this room and the main hair salon?!).

The massage part was fantastic...after you get over the nudie ass up sprawled out for the viewing part. She didn't massage my arms or hands though, like they do at home.

On to the facial. This was an interesting experience because it involved several electrical devices. Not sure what they were or what they did but I hope they get rid of wrinkles, skin imperfections and those pesky sunspots. That's what they do in my ideal world. I will let you know if anything actually "happens"! It was very relaxing as well, various creams, soaps, oils, etc were put on my face and after each new "treatment" she placed a hot towel over my face and then pressed it down (she may have been trying to suffocate me, I will never know). There was also this device that she used in the beginning that felt like a vacuum hose or a flo bee for your pores. I think it sucked out blackheads, but again, I have no idea. I was instructed at the beginning to close my eyes, and that's exactly what I did!

The whole process was very refreshing. I now feel ready to make it through my last week of work here. I'm even more ready for my mom to get here so she can experience all of these lovely things!


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